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If you are looking to kick start your spring cleaning and wondering how you can Reduce, Reuse or Recycle home goods and materials, check out our blog post where we break down what the three R’s mean, so you can do your part for the environment.
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O’Neill Plumbing and Heating has been serving customers in Meath for nearly 20 years. For nearly as long, we have been a trusted Calor supplier. Our friends in Calor have given us a great new offer to make easier to make the switch to gas. Switch now to Calor Gas in as little as 24-hour and receive 1200 litres of gas absolutely FREE.
O’Neill Plumbing and Heating, together with Calor, offer a choice of gas storage options to suit your heating needs and your surroundings.

Calor Gas – A small change can make a big difference

Simple installation

Switching to a hassle free and reliable energy source has never been easier. As an accredited Calor installer we get the process started. Our team will arrange, in conjunction with Calor, for a suitable survey and will handle all parts of the installation for you.

Heating all household appliances

Calor LPG and BioLPG is a reliable energy solution that can power your home heating and appliances anytime, anywhere, even off the grid.

Energy Efficient and Cost effective

Many Irish homes are operating on older, inefficient boilers and heating systems. Due to their efficiency, modern state-of-the-art condenser LPG boilers can significantly reduce energy consumption. Less energy use means you can control your energy costs, and reduce your bills.

Calor Advantages

Unlike other fuels, such as oil and solid fuel, gas is almost impossible to steal, reducing the possibility of becoming a victim of fuel theft.

BioLPG reduces carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions.

Tanks are checked on every delivery and are located on your property with the guidance and expertise of Calor ensuring safety standards.

When you switch to a Calor bulk tank from oil you can say goodbye to running out of fuel. With an automatic monitoring system on Calor tanks, you won’t ever run out of gas, we will automatically deliver the gas you need when you are running low.

Calor LPG

Calor is Ireland’s leading supplier and distributor of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG). LPG can be used for home heating and hot water, cooking and gas fires. Calor LPG is one of the cleanest fuels available to households across the country. It is over 10% cleaner than home heating oil.
Homeowners can enjoy the instant controllable heat it gives, hot water on demand, controllable cooking. Enjoying the warmth of a real flame fire, at the click of a button, without any of the clean-up.
Now is the time to change to a cleaner more flexible option. Call O’Neill Plumbing and Heating now and ask about the Calor options available to you.

Calor BioLPG

You can now run your home heating and your appliances, including a gas cooker on a 100% renewable and reliable energy. With sustainability becoming more important to homeowners, Calor BioLPG can reduce a home’s carbon emission by 50% and will help improve BER rating.
BioLPG is exclusively available in Ireland from Calor and provides a 100% renewable energy choice for those who want greater flexibility and to reduce their carbon footprint. BioLPG is identical in appearance and performance to conventional LPG. It is used for the same applications and equipment and is transported and stored in the same tanks.
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There is just one important difference – how it is produced. Calor BioLPG is a fully traceable 100% renewable fuel made from a mix of sustainably sourced renewable vegetable oils, and waste and residues.
  • Identical in use and performance to LPG
  • Made from 100% renewable sources
  • Reduces carbon footprint
  • Reduces greenhouse gas emissions by up to 50%
  • A portable and versatile fuel.

A sustainable way of life


Minimized Pollution

Reduce your carbon emissions by up to 38%* compared to oil and 15% compared to standard LPG**


Highly Adaptive

Works perfectly with all LPG fuelled appliances, boilers and FLTs


Doorstep Delivery

Delivered in the same way as LPG


Sustainable Energy​

Made from a range of sustainably sourced raw materials

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